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Calendar 366 II

The menu bar calendar for all your plans!

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30 days trial | Version 2.15.5
Requires macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave), 10.15 (Catalina), 11 (Big Sur), 12 (Monterey), 13 (Ventura) or 14 (Sonoma)

Calendar 366 II is the most complete, versatile and powerful menu bar calendar for macOS. Version 2 comes with a beautiful fresh design, 8 different views and 9 themes to perfectly fit your needs and a lot of new features such as invitations & attachments. Made for all your plans, made for you!

8 Views, 9 Themes

View, Add, Edit events & reminders

...Your way

by using natural language input
moving or resizing...

location & geo locations
pre-defined or complex repeating rules
and attachments synced* via iCloud...

Your Mac, your menu bar...

Customizable menu bar item...

Icon, Date/Time, Icon + Date/Time
system or custom font
pre-defined or custom time format

10 Widgets (Sonoma+)

See your next events and tasks
a monthly overview
create new appointments quickly.

Spotlight Search

Quickly find your events & to-dos with Spotlight.

Use the keyword "C366" to show results only from Calendar 366!

Touch Bar Support

Easily switch to your favorite view, change the active day, week, moth or year or create new events and reminders with the MacBook Pro Touch Bar.

Workflows & Actions

Hello Alfred, Hello LaunchBar

Create new events and reminders using Calendar 366 II' natural language input.

Features at a Glance
  • • Calendar Sets
  • • Spotlight Search Support
  • • All events and to-dos at a glance
  • • 8 views, 9 themes
  • • Easy, intuitive creation, copying and moving of appointments and reminders by drag & drop
  • • Easily invite attendees and manage invitations
  • • No pre-requisites setup (All macOS supported calendar services available: iCloud, Google, Exchange, Outlook, CalDAV)
  • • Resizable (Portrait & Landscape)
  • • All views optimized for portrait or landscape
  • • Autostart / AutoOpen
  • • Hotkey & Shortcuts
  • • Time zone support
  • • Complex repeating rules
  • • Week numbers
  • • Complete to-dos with a tip

Speaks your language

Calendar 366 II is fully localized in English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Italien, Polish and Chinese.


The Calendar 366 Family

The perfect partnership... Calendar 366 is also available for iPhone, Apple Watch & iPad
Of course, as universal app.

Calendar 366 Family

Get Calendar 366 II for Mac today!

Download Buy Now

30 days trial | Version 2.15.5
Requires macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave), 10.15 (Catalina), 11 (Big Sur), 12 (Monterey), 13 (Ventura) or 14 (Sonoma)

*Requires Calendar 366 & iCloud

Better and better!
...the ugrade to v2.0 is well worth every penny.


Great Menu Bar app
I only wish some other apps were half as good as this is.


Simply best!
Sorry, it kills all other calendars around. I was trying them all, really all...